July 18, 2018

Our History

Seeking to improve contract administration of federally assisted properties with Section 8 assistance, HUD determined to withdraw from its direct administration around the country and turn this responsibility over to a Public Housing agency in each state. In 2000, RHA's proposal to carry out this program in Nevada was approved by HUD. Rather than administer the new contract directly, RHA is utilizing one of its nonprofit corporations for this purpose. Washoe Affordable Housing Corporation was designated as the contract administrator. A talented, professional staff conducts monitoring reviews of the assigned properties and carries out the various contract responsibilities.

Homeless Prevention Program

The Homeless Prevention Program was created by Washoe Affordable Housing Corporation in June 2017. WAHC self-funds the program through program income from other organizational activities, and receives matching funds from the Nevada Housing Division's (NHD) Low-Income Housing Trust Fund.

The objective of WAHC's Homeless Prevention Program is to prevent homelessness arising from emergencies that temporarily jeopardize a family or individual's ability to pay rent or utilities and to provide relocation assistance to individuals or families whose rent has become unaffordable. The jurisdiction for this program is Washoe County. The Homeless Prevention Program allocates resources to preventing homelessness so that families do not have to experience shelters or live on the streets. It also helps minimize public resources dedicated to the homeless population within Washoe County.

Current Operations

Currently, 40 different rental properties with Section 8 Project Based Contract assistance in Battle Mountain, Caliente, Carson City, Elko, Fallon, Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Reno, and Yerington have been assigned to the Washoe Affordable Housing Corporation (WAHC) under this contract. Click here for a map (PDF).

Awards for Excellence

The San Francisco Multifamily Hub of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development has presented RHA and WAHC with several Awards for Excellence for "outstanding performance in administration of HUD's Section 8 Contract Administration Program in the State of Nevada." The most recent award was presented in 2008.